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Ship waste

The Port of Moss KF has established a reception scheme for waste and cargo residues from vessels. All vessels must deliver the waste to the environmental stations unless they have documentation of that the waste is delivered to another approved reception facility.

Bilde av avfallscontainer

The environmental stations are located in two places at the port terminal.Location is as follows:

• Værlebrygga: Residual waste and Paper.
• Containerbrygga: Residual waste, paper, environmental station and hazardous waste

The environmental stations are divided into the following groups:

1. Reception for combustible waste for vessels
2. Environmental containers for delivery of special waste
3. Reception for leftovers and paper / cardboard

Oversikt over avfallspunkt i kart

Duty to report and order

Duty to report and orderAll vessels except scheduled ships and recreational boats approved for less than 12 persons must notify Safeseanet or possibly the port of Moss KF FIRMAPOST@MOSS-HAVN.NO if they have:

  • waste for delivery (quantity and type of waste)
  • no waste on board
  • other fixed delivery port (approved supplier)
  • questions about the use of the reception scheme

This should happen:

  • at least 24 hours before call (if known point of call)
  • as soon as the call is known
  • on departure from the previous port if the journey has lasted less than 24 hours, the notification must be made on an approved notification form. See Moss harbor website WWW.MOSS-HAVN.NO

If notification is sent directly to Moss harbor, the enclosed WASTE FORM must be used.

If you find our reception conditions missing, please use the enclosed DEVIATION FORM.

For more information about waste management from vessels, contact the Port of Moss by phone: 69 20 87 00 69 20 87 00 or by our email: FIRMAPOST@MOSS-HAVN.NO