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High degree of security in all operations and zero vision for work accidents and breaches of laws and regulations.

Bygninger på kaien


Moss harbor is one of the country's largest container ports. Inside the port area we run efficient handling of containers and other goods. It is mainly the business community in the Moss region that are customers of Moss harbor and the business that is run here is important for many jobs in the region.

With relatively small areas, it is important that everyone who travels in the area is vigilant and has a high focus on safety. Calls to Moss harbor are made by traffic from international ports. The whole area is so-called ISPS area. Everyone who travels here must relate to both Moss Havn's HSE regulations and the provision that follows from the international ISPS code.

Bilde av havna med kran og containere

In Moss harbor there is a lot of traffic with heavy cars and trucks - in addition to the use of cranes.

The Port of Moss must have a high degree of security in all operations. We have zero vision related to work accidents and zero vision for violations of laws and regulations.

You who have access to the site must act in line with this, say if someone does not follow up:
• Report deviations actively
• Show respect
• In case of danger or uncertainty - stop work

In the event of an accident or other incident requiring immediate action, life and health should always be prioritized first, then consideration of materials and equipment.

There are 2 defibrillators deployed in the area. One on the container crane and one at the entrance from the ISPS area to the office building (2nd floor).

Bilde av containere på havna

Instructions for use of protective equipment

Within the Port of Moss Harbor' ISPS area, the use of personal protective equipment is mandatory. This is also signposted at the entrance. This means that everyone must at least carry:

Visibility clothing, class 2

There is a lot of traffic into the port area. Visibility clothing must satisfy standard EN ISO 20741, visibility class 2.


Applies to all traffic outside buildings and cars / other vehicles. Inside buildings at the harbor, separate rules apply.

Safety shoes

Applies to all employees in the area. Employees on their way to / from changing rooms in warehouses can walk without safety shoes. Employees and visitors who are inspecting or on their way to / from premises in the area may be exempted from the requirement for safety shoes as long as the visit does not entail a risk of injury.

Life jacket

When working on the quayside, a life jacket must be used.