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The Port of Moss is an international traffic port - The whole area is an ISPS area and it places special demands on alertness and registration of personnel and vehicles.

Bilde av havneområdet

International Ship and Port Facility Security

SPS - International Ship and Port Facility Security The purpose is to prevent threats and attacks against port facilities and ships.

There are three fixed security levels within the ISPS Code:
Security level 1 - normal operation
Security level 2
Security level 3

When introducing security levels 2 and 3, separate information will be provided on stricter requirements.

Bilde av havna med kran og containere

ISPS: alertness

Everyone who is legally in the ISPS area is an important part of our readiness - there is a special requirement for alertness for you. The most obvious threats to us are; theft, blind passengers, smuggling, sabotage, terror / other misleading actions. In order to prevent such actions, they are important that all security equipment is in order, that only ships with IMO numbers are at the quay and that only registered cars and personnel travel in the area.

If you see anything in violation of this, you are obliged to notify the guard at the entrance or ISPS responsible on tel:

915 45 388

The content on this page gives a summary of the most important conditions at Moss harbor. If you have any further questions, please contact the ISPS manager at Moss Havn KF.

In order to obtain a permanent or temporary admission card or a driving permit, it must be signed that the contents of this page are read and understood.

HSE and ISPS self-declaration form is available from your client, supplier at Moss harbor. They must sign in and you must be cleared before access to the port is given.

Behavior in violation of ISPS and HSE requirements in the Port of Moss can lead to denial of access and issued admission cards being revoked. Thank you for helping Moss Havn become a safe and secure haven for customers, employees, partners and suppliers who enter the harbor area!