Moss harbor always has larger and less ongoing maintenance and investment projects. Below are some of the most central projects

New design of the harbor area In connection with the construction of a new railway raceway through Moss, Bane Nor has seized 25 targets by Moss harbor. In order to get a functional port, the port area has been rebuilt during 2017 - 2019.

Extension of inland port

Utvidelse av innlandshavn

The inland port was opened in 2018. Moss harbor has a separate area north of the plot that they want to develop, and that Moss harbor has a lease agreement with Europris in an area that lies between us. This area is planned to be built up.

Drone Harbor


Through a collaborative project with ASKO, Moss harbor has had a pilot project on establishing a harbor for sea throne that will be between Moss and Holmestrand. The pilot project was supported by the Norwegian Coastal Administration and is intended to have a fully electric transport chain from ASKO's warehouse in Vestby and over to their new warehouse at Sande in Vestfold.

In 2019, Asko received a commitment to project support from Enova on project completion. The latest clarifications are being prepared and the final decision on the project will be implemented in its entirety in the summer of 2019.

Shore power for ships


Extension of the quay «Klakken» A pre-project is started to look at the possibilities of expanding the current quay that lies furthest south. The actual extension of the quay will possibly go north towards today's Containerkai.

Bane Nor: Changes at the Harbor
Extension of inland port
Dronehavn i samarbeid med ASKO
Establishment of shore power plant for ships
Planning for the expansion of the quay "Klakken"

Planning work and documents in Moss center

The center plan for Moss The center plan is a strategic municipal sub-plan and an important framework for follow-up planning and development of Moss center. In June 2015, the City Council of Moss adopted the center plan for Moss (municipal sub-plan).

Area regulation plan for Moss Harbor The Center Plan has clarified the overall framework for the port development. This clarification is followed up by a separate area regulation plan for the ports. The area regulation for Moss harbor was approved by Moss City Council on June 20, 2016.

Detailed planning for Moss harbor The area regulation plan must be followed up through a detailed regulation. The start of the detailed regulation was announced in January 2018 and the work continued throughout the spring of 2018.

Uncertainty about the location of ferry berths for the Bastø ferries and new RV19 meant that Moss harbor has chosen to await further progress in the detailed regulation until further notice.

Below are documents that have been used in connection with the work on the detailed regulation.

Planning work and documents in Moss center

Downtown Plan
Area Zoning
Detail Zoning