Moss Harbour is an effective, environmentally certified and service-minded port. The port is located in the middle of the Oslofjord with a total quay length of 670 meters and the depth up to 11 meters.

The harbour of Moss has an imortant place in the supply chain. Together with our Associates we offer you efficient handling of all types of goods.

The port operations include regulated through the Port and Waters Act and the Planning and Building Act. The purpose of the Act is to facilitate conditions for the best possible planning, development and operation of the port and to secure the traffic in the port district.

General transport policy goals for the transfer of more cargo from car to ship and track must be promoted.


Moss harbor will be the most efficient, flexible and customer-oriented hub port in the Oslofjord.

Community role

Port of Moss KF shall be an active community builder, long-term manager of the sea areas and an important contributor to value creation, business development and urban development.

Intermodality and port development

Moss Harbor KF, with its central location in open waters and close to the E6 and railways, must be the most efficient intermodal port in the Oslo Fjord.


Moss Harbor KF must have a clear environmental focus and choose environmentally friendly solutions.

Customer and market orientation

The Port of Moss KF shall be the preferred port of the business sector and an attractive partner for local and regional business organizations.


High degree of security in all operations and zero tolerance for work accidents and breaches of laws and regulations.